We love to push ourselves

We aim to be the best version we can be

We understand sometimes the struggle is hard, but we have faith in the process

We work hard and keep our chin up

We bond with our tribe and support each other through it all

Our eyes are focused on our goals

We know who we are

We are proud of our bodies


The Women’s Five has attracted a strong network of inspired women and friends in Hong Kong who seek to create a balanced lifestyle through staying active, having fun and creating positive change in their lives and that of the community around them. 

What we believe in

We have a passion for life and we love working hard to make sure we get the most out of it. We know that everyone can create a more positive life for themselves, whether you are just starting or have been active for years. We believe in celebrating the amazing women around us, encouraging all to not only chase their dreams but to think bigger and reach for even greater goals.

What we do

We are an event company that organizes 2 integrated events per year – The Women’s Five (5km run), with a 5 week health and fitness programme before-hand, comprising of outdoor Yoga, Running, HIIT classes, Meditation and Mindfulness.

We aim to inspire women and girls and give them the tools to be healthier and happier – through our social messages, 5 week fitness programme, our runs, online blog, and online store. Encouraging you to take that first step or keep going in your journey, and provide support to women from all walks of life to get fit and stay healthy.

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